Utthita Parsvakonasana
What is Yoga?
Who is BKS Iyengar?
What distinguishes the practice of Iyengar yoga from other styles of yoga?
How does yoga differ from other forms of activity e.g. aerobics?
Can anyone practice yoga?
Can yoga be practised if I have a medical condition or minor problem?
Will everyone be slim?
What can I expect in an Iyengar yoga class?
Can I eat before a class?
What should I wear?
What benefits come from Iyengar yoga practice?
Is yoga a religion?
What is the Certification Mark and the various levels of Certification?
What is the IYA(UK)?
Will everyone be slim?

No, all shapes and sizes can be found in a yoga class! It does not matter what shape you are as your muscles can stretch just the same. The classes are not slimming clubs but the postures do tone the muscles and help condition the body generally so you should feel healthier.

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